How to choose a Travel Yoga Mat

Yoga is a key part of the self-care and wellness routine for many of us. But travelling can often make it tricky to maintain these routines without access to the right equipment. Travel yoga mats offer a way around this. By taking your mat along with you, you can maintain a yoga practice anywhere! We […]

Best Mindfulness Books of All Times

mindfulness book

Some of the best mindfulness books of 2022    Mindfulness is an ever-expanding self-help niche. And why wouldn’t it be? As our lives get busier, our mental and physical health, and wellbeing are put to the test. It’s understood that mindfulness can add value to our quality of life, by reducing stress levels, helping us […]

Best meditation Apps 2022

Mindful Travel Trips

What is meditation? Meditation is a practice of self-awareness and letting go of mental activity. Through awareness, meditation helps to still an active mind, by intentionally refocussing the mind on the breath, sound or physical sensations. If we can become more aware of what the mind is doing, then we can then allow those thoughts […]

Mindful Travel Tips to Reduce Stress

Mindful Travel Tips Jill On Journey

Ever felt stressed when travelling? You’re not alone. We all experience different levels of stress when travelling. This could be travelling to visit family, for leisure or for work.  To help out we’ve curated helpful Travel Tips from our favourite Mindful Travellers around the globe.   Nikki Novoselsky – Oh, the Places You’ll Flow World Nomad, Energy Intuitive, […]

Which Yoga Style is Best for Me?

Different Types of Yoga

Which yoga style is best for me? In today’s fast-paced, high-pressure world, what better way to relaxation and unwind than with yoga! Its uber accessible and enhances wellbeing. No matter what style of yoga you choose, it will boost your sense of calm, resilience and focus, through breathwork and greater focus on the body. If […]