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Travel Checklist For Your Next Yoga Trip

Planning a yoga trip can be an exciting and rejuvenating experience but also overwhelming if you don't know where to start. Here's a checklist of items to consider before your next yoga trip:

Travel Yoga Mat:

Women keeping folding yoga mat in bag-travel checklist for next trip-mikkoa yoga

Including a travel yoga mat in your yoga travel checklist allows you to maintain a consistent and hygienic practice while enjoying the benefits of portability and familiarity. It ensures that you have a dedicated space for yoga wherever you go, enabling you to stay connected to your practice and promote your overall well-being during your travels. Here are some reasons why a yoga travel mat is important for a yoga trip: 


  • Portability: Travel yoga mats are designed to be lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry and fit into your luggage. They are usually thinner and more flexible than regular yoga mats, allowing for convenient transportation.
  • Hygiene: Using your own travel yoga mat ensures that you have a clean and personal surface to practice on. Public yoga studios or retreat centres may provide mats, but they can be shared among many people, raising concerns about cleanliness and hygiene. Having your own mat gives you peace of mind and helps maintain a healthy practice environment.
  • Grip and Support: Travel yoga mats are designed with a sticky surface or texture that provides better traction and grip during your practice. This can be particularly helpful if you're practising in outdoor or unconventional locations where surfaces may be less stable or slippery.
  • Versatility: Travel yoga mats can be used in various settings, whether you're practising in a studio, on the beach, in a hotel room, or in a park. They provide a familiar and consistent surface for your practice, regardless of the location.
  • Durability: Travel yoga mats are typically made from durable materials that can withstand the rigours of travel. They are designed to be more resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that they last longer and continue to provide support and comfort throughout your journey.
  • Personalization: Having your own travel yoga mat allows you to express your personal style and preferences. There are various colours, patterns, and designs available, allowing you to choose a mat that resonates with you. This personalization adds a touch of joy and individuality to your yoga practice, making it even more special during your travels.


Comfortable Yoga Clothes:

man wearing yoga clothes during yoga practice-travel checklist for next travel-mikkoa yoga

When considering comfortable yoga clothes for your travel checklist, opt for fabrics that are breathable, moisture-wicking, and stretchable. Additionally, choose styles and designs that suit your personal preferences and make you feel good. By including comfortable yoga clothes in your travel checklist, you ensure that you have the right attire to support your practice and enhance your overall yoga journey, here are several reasons why you should pick the correct yoga clothes for yoga travel: 

  • Comfort: Yoga clothes are designed to be comfortable and allow for a full range of motion, essential for performing yoga poses. When travelling for yoga, you may be practicing in unfamiliar environments, so having comfortable clothing can help you focus on your practice and not be distracted by uncomfortable clothing.
  • Functionality: Yoga clothes are designed to wick away sweat and moisture, which is important during intense physical activity like yoga. They also often have features like pockets for storing small items or adjustable waistbands for a customized fit. Having functional yoga clothes can help you stay comfortable and focused during your yoga practice while travelling.
  • Temperature regulation: Traveling to different locations may expose you to varying climates and temperatures. Comfortable yoga clothes made from breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics help regulate body temperature and keep you comfortable during your practice. They allow sweat to evaporate, preventing you from feeling too hot or cold.
  • Culture and respect: In some cultures, modest clothing is expected during yoga practice. By wearing appropriate yoga clothes, you show respect for the culture and the practice. Additionally, some yoga retreats or studios may have dress codes, and wearing appropriate clothing can help you avoid any potential embarrassment or discomfort.
  • Mind-body connection: Yoga is a practice that emphasizes the mind-body connection. Wearing comfortable clothes that make you feel good can enhance this connection. When you feel comfortable in your attire, you can better focus on your breath, sensations, and movements, deepening your overall yoga experience. Just like putting on a uniform can help athletes get into the right mindset for competition, wearing yoga clothes can help you mentally prepare for your practice.
  • Versatility: Comfortable yoga clothes can serve multiple purposes during your travel. They can be used for yoga sessions, as well as for other physical activities or casual wear. Choosing versatile clothing items that can be mixed and matched saves space in your luggage and allows you to pack lighter.
  • Confidence and self-expression: Wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident can positively impact your practice. When you feel good about how you look and what you're wearing, it boosts your self-esteem and encourages a positive mindset. It allows you to express your personal style and individuality, even while on the go.

Yoga Straps and Blocks:

women doing Pilates using Yoga block-travel checklist for next travel-mikkoa yoga

Yoga straps and blocks in your travel yoga kit expand the possibilities of your practice, providing support, stability, and flexibility wherever you are. They allow you to continue working on your alignment, deepen your stretches, and adapt your practice to different environments, ensuring a well-rounded and fulfilling yoga experience during your travels.

  • Enhanced Flexibility: Yoga straps are excellent tools for improving flexibility and deepening stretches. They assist in reaching and holding poses that may be challenging due to limited range of motion or tightness. Including a yoga strap in your travel yoga kit allows you to continue working on your flexibility and progress in your practice even while travelling.
  • Increased Stability and Alignment: Yoga blocks provide stability and support, especially during balancing poses or when modifications are needed. They help to maintain proper alignment, prevent strain or injury, and allow you to comfortably hold poses for longer periods. When practising in unfamiliar environments, using blocks can provide added support and ensure a safer and more effective practice.
  • Adaptability to Different Settings: Travelling often means practicing yoga in different locations and surfaces. Yoga straps and blocks can help you adapt to various settings, such as uneven or hard surfaces, where you may need additional support, stability, or assistance. They enable you to create a consistent practice experience regardless of the environment.
  • Versatility and Convenience: Yoga straps and blocks are lightweight and easy to pack, making them convenient additions to your travel yoga checklist. They take up minimal space in your luggage and can be used in a variety of poses and sequences. Their versatility allows you to explore different variations and intensities in your practice while on the go.
  • Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation: Yoga straps and blocks can aid in injury prevention and rehabilitation while travelling. If you have specific limitations or are recovering from an injury, these props can help you modify poses to avoid straining or re-injuring yourself. They provide the necessary support and stability to safely engage in your practice and maintain your well-being while on the go.
  • Progress and growth: Yoga is a journey of continuous learning and growth. Straps and blocks can be used as tools for progress in your practice. As you gradually develop more flexibility and strength, you can adjust the use of these props accordingly, using them less frequently or in different ways. They allow you to explore new variations and challenges, supporting your ongoing development as a yogi.

Sun Protection:

women applying sunscreen on the body-travel checklist for next travel-mikkoa yoga

Sun protection is essential during a yoga trip for several reasons. First and foremost, exposure to the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause damage to your skin, such as sunburn, premature ageing, and even skin cancer. This damage can be particularly severe if you spend extended periods of time outside, as you might during a yoga retreat.

Additionally, practising yoga often involves spending long periods of time in the sun, either indoors near a window or outside in nature. This means that you may be more susceptible to sun damage than if you were simply going about your daily routine. 

Therefore, it's important to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays by wearing sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, wearing protective clothing such as long-sleeved shirts and hats, and seeking shade whenever possible. By taking these steps, you can reduce your risk of skin damage and enjoy your yoga trip with peace of mind.

Journal and Pen:

journal and pen image-travel checklist for next travel-mikkoa yoga

  • Reflection and self-discovery: Yoga travel often provides a space for self-reflection and personal growth. By carrying a journal and pen, you can document your experiences, thoughts, and emotions during your yoga journey. This practice allows you to gain deeper insights into yourself, your practice, and the transformative effects of yoga.
  • Track progress: A journal can serve as a record of your progress in yoga. You can track your asana (physical posture) practice, note improvements, and observe any challenges or breakthroughs. This helps you stay motivated and encourages you to continue your yoga journey.
  • Personal exploration: Yoga travel often involves exploring new places, cultures, and experiences. By writing about your encounters, observations, and interactions, you can deepen your connection with the places you visit and the people you meet. Your journal becomes a treasure trove of memories and reflections, capturing the essence of your yoga travel experience.
  • Mindfulness and presence: Yoga is a practice that cultivates mindfulness and presence. By writing in a journal, you engage in a mindful activity that helps you stay present and attentive to your thoughts and experiences. It allows you to process and express your feelings and thoughts, enhancing your overall well-being during your yoga travel.
  • Inspiration and creativity: Writing in a journal can spark inspiration and creativity. As you delve into your experiences, you may discover new insights, ideas, or even creative expressions. Your journal can serve as a source of inspiration for future yoga practices, teachings, or artistic endeavours.
  • Personal documentation: Your yoga travel may involve attending workshops, retreats, or classes with different teachers. Taking notes during these sessions helps you remember key teachings, sequences, or techniques that you can refer back to in your personal practice. It also enables you to capture any profound teachings or guidance from experienced yoga practitioners.

Aroma/ Meditation Oils:

aroma and meditation oil image-travel checklist for next travel-mikkoa yoga

Aroma or meditation oils in your yoga travel essentials allow you to create a personalised and sensory-rich experience during your practice. The scents can enhance relaxation, focus, and mood, while also providing a sense of familiarity and personalization wherever you go. Carrying aroma or meditation oils while travelling for yoga can provide several benefits:

  • Relaxation and Stress Relief: Aroma oils, such as lavender, chamomile, or bergamot, are known for their calming properties. These oils can help you relax, unwind, and alleviate stress, creating a peaceful environment for your yoga and meditation practice. Inhaling the soothing scents can promote a sense of tranquillity and aid in releasing tension.
  • Focus and Mindfulness: Certain oils, like peppermint or rosemary, have invigorating and uplifting properties that can enhance mental clarity and focus. Using these oils during meditation or pranayama (breathing exercises) can help you stay present, improve concentration, and deepen your mindfulness practice.
  • Mood Enhancement: Aroma oils have the ability to evoke specific emotions and enhance mood. For example, citrus oils like lemon or orange can create a refreshing and uplifting atmosphere, while sandalwood or frankincense can induce a sense of grounding and spiritual connection. Choosing oils that align with your desired mood or intention can enhance the overall ambience and experience of your yoga practice.
  • Energetic Clearing: Some essential oils, such as sage or palo santo, are traditionally used for energetic clearing and purification. They can help cleanse the space and create a sacred atmosphere for your practice. Using these oils before or after your yoga session can assist in creating a positive and energetically balanced environment.
  • Practicality and Convenience: Aroma oils are typically compact and easy to carry in travel-sized containers. They take up minimal space in your bag and can be conveniently used anytime, whether in your accommodation, at a yoga studio, or even outdoors. Applying a few drops to your wrists, and temples, or diffusing them in the air can quickly transform your surroundings.

Natural Travel Sized Toiletries:

ecofriendly toiletries-travel checklist for next travel-mikkoa yoga

Including natural travel-sized toiletries in your travel checklist promotes convenience, sustainability, and personal well-being. It allows you to maintain your preferred self-care routine, reduce your environmental impact, and prioritise your health and comfort while on the go. Adding natural travel-sized toiletries to your travel checklist offers several advantages:

  • Convenience and Portability: Travel-sized toiletries are compact and lightweight, making them easy to pack and carry during your travels. They take up minimal space in your luggage, allowing you to travel light and efficiently.
  • Compliance with Airline Regulations: Many airlines have restrictions on carrying liquids in your carry-on luggage. By opting for travel-sized toiletries, you ensure that your toiletries comply with the allowed limits for carry-on items, preventing any hassle or potential confiscation at airport security.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Natural travel-sized toiletries often come in environmentally friendly packaging, such as recyclable or biodegradable containers. By choosing natural products, you reduce your environmental impact and contribute to sustainable travel practices.
  • Health and Well-being: Natural toiletries are typically free from harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, and synthetic ingredients that can be irritating or harmful to your skin and overall health. Opting for natural alternatives helps maintain your well-being during your travels and promotes a more gentle and nourishing self-care routine.
  • Consistency with Personal Care Routine: Using your preferred natural toiletries ensures consistency with your regular personal care routine, even when you're away from home. Familiar scents, textures, and ingredients can provide comfort and a sense of normalcy, helping you feel more at ease during your travels.
  • Supporting Sustainable Brands: Choosing natural travel-sized toiletries gives you the opportunity to support ethical and sustainable brands that prioritize environmentally friendly practices, fair trade, or cruelty-free production. It allows you to align your travel choices with your values and contribute to a more sustainable and responsible beauty industry.

Reusable Items - Water bottle, Cutlery & Lunchbox:

travel cutlery image-travel checklist for next travel-mikkoa yoga

 Including reusable items like a water bottle, cutlery set, and lunchbox in your yoga travel checklist empowers you to make eco-friendly choices, reduce waste, save money, and prioritize your health and well-being. It's a simple and effective way to live more sustainably while enjoying your yoga journey

  • Environmental Sustainability: By bringing reusable items, you contribute to reducing single-use plastic waste. Disposable water bottles, plastic cutlery, and take-out containers often end up in landfills or pollute the environment. Opting for reusable alternatives helps minimize your ecological footprint and supports sustainable practices.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Using reusable items can save you money in the long run. Instead of purchasing single-use plastic water bottles or repeatedly buying meals in disposable packaging, having a reusable water bottle, cutlery, and lunchbox allows you to refill, pack your own meals, and avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Hydration and Health: Carrying a reusable water bottle ensures that you have access to clean drinking water throughout your travels. Staying hydrated is important for your overall well-being, especially during physical activities like yoga. Having a reusable bottle helps you stay refreshed and promotes healthy hydration habits.
  • Convenience and Accessibility: Reusable water bottles, cutlery sets, and lunchboxes are designed to be portable and easy to carry. They are lightweight, leak-proof, and often come with travel-friendly features like collapsible or stackable designs. Having these items readily available enables you to stay nourished, enjoy your meals on the go, and reduce reliance on single-use plastics
  • Personalized Choices: By bringing your own reusable items, you have control over the materials and quality of the products you use. You can choose items made from eco-friendly materials like stainless steel or BPA-free plastics, ensuring that they align with your personal values and preferences.
  • Conscious Consumption: By bringing reusable items, you encourage a mindset of conscious consumption and mindful living. It prompts you to consider the environmental impact of your choices and inspires others to adopt sustainable practices as well. It's a small but impactful way to promote environmental awareness and make a positive difference.

Travel Yoga Towels:

women with beach towel-travel checklist for nextvtravel-mikkoa yoga

A travel yoga towel in your yoga travel checklist ensures a clean and hygienic practice surface, maintains a firm grip during your poses, and has a portable and versatile accessory that enhances your overall yoga experience while on the move.

  • Hygiene: When practicing yoga in shared or public spaces, using a travel yoga towel provides a clean barrier between your body and the mat or surface. It helps protect you from any sweat, dirt, or germs that may be present, promoting a more hygienic practice environment.
  • Sweat Absorption: Yoga can be physically demanding, and sweating is a natural part of the practice. A travel yoga towel is designed to absorb moisture and sweat, keeping you dry and preventing slipping or sliding on your mat. It enhances your grip and stability during poses, allowing you to focus on your practice without distractions.
  • Portability: Travel yoga towels are lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry in your yoga bag or luggage. They take up minimal space and are convenient to bring along on your travels. They can be folded or rolled up to fit in your bag without adding much weight or bulk.
  • Versatility: Travel yoga towels can serve multiple purposes during your yoga practice. They can be used as a mat cover, providing a clean and comfortable surface to practice on. Additionally, they can be used as a prop to support or cushion certain poses, such as during seated or reclining postures. Some travel towels also have built-in pockets or straps that allow you to secure them to your mat, providing extra stability. 
  • Quick Drying: Travel yoga towels are typically made from quick-drying materials, allowing them to dry rapidly after use or washing. This feature is especially useful when you're on the go and need to reuse your towel shortly after a sweaty practice or if you're practicing in humid environments.

Remember to check the weather forecast and pack accordingly. Lastly, review and revise your checklist periodically to ensure it remains up-to-date and relevant to your needs. By having a yoga checklist, you can enhance your preparedness, organization, efficiency, and overall enjoyment of your yoga travel experience.

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