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  • Sol Salute Logo-Mikkoa Travel Yoga Mat

    Sol Salute

    "The most beautiful yoga mats I have ever seen. They’re a combination of hot yoga towel meets travel yoga mat and have the most beautiful designs on the market."

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    On The Road

    "Their lightweight travel mat is designed to fold neatly and compactly into your luggage.This clever product allows your everyday yoga routine to easily follow you around the world."

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    The World Pursuit

    "What I love most about this mat are the fun colors and designs, which are far from boring. Mikkoa mats are also machine washable, making it easy to clean."

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    Jill on Journey

    "Even though it can be folded quite small, it’s longer than an average travel yoga mat. When rolled or folded, it gets small enough to fit into a small bag"

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Foldable Yoga Mat

Mikkoa Yoga Mat is known as one of the best foldable yoga mats based on customer reviews and feedback. Customers have praised the Mikkoa Travel Mat for its innovative design and features. The mat is foldable and lightweight, making it easy to carry while travelling. It is designed to be compact and can fit into a backpack or tote bag.

The Mikkoa Travel Mat is made of natural rubber, providing support on different floor types. It is also eco-friendly and washable, which adds to its appeal. The mat is suitable for various yoga practices and exercises, making it versatile and high-performing. By offering a combination of features such as portability, durability, and functionality.

Can you fold a yoga mat for travel?

Yes, yoga mats can be folded for travel. While most yoga mats are designed to be rolled up for storage, they can still be folded if needed. Folding a yoga mat can make it more compact and easier to fit into a suitcase or backpack for travel purposes.

If you frequently travel with your yoga mat, you might consider investing in a Mikkoa foldable yoga mat specifically designed for travel, as these are often more flexible and easier to fold and unfold.

Is it OK to fold a yoga mat?

Yes, you can fold a yoga mat which is made up of microfiber and organic rubber. In fact, Mikkoa travel yoga mats are specifically designed for portability, and are foldable and lightweight. Mikkoa even sells a folding travel yoga mat with superior grip and support.

How do you keep a yoga mat folded?

To keep a yoga mat folded, you can use straps or a mat bag. Straps work as an external support that helps to keep the mat in a tight fold, while a mat bag provides an internal support structure to hold the folded mat in place.

If you are using a strap, place the yoga mat on a flat surface and fold it in half. Then, secure the folded mat with the strap, making sure it is tight enough to prevent the mat from unfolding.

On the other hand, if you are using a mat bag, place the folded mat inside the bag with the edge of the mat aligned with the edge of the bag. This will ensure that the mat stays firmly in place while you are on the go.

Remember to always store your yoga mat in a cool and dry place to prevent the growth of bacteria and extend its lifespan.