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Our Story

Mikkoa is a global yoga and mindfulness brand with humble roots in Australia.

We have an online presence in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada and everywhere else you can practise yoga.

Our products are made from earth friendly materials with quality craftsmanship in the making.

On our journey we continue to explore and connect to mother nature and bring you responsibly made conscious living products whether it’s for practising yoga or enjoying a relaxed day at the beach.

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  • Sol Salute Logo-Mikkoa Travel Yoga Mat

    Sol Salute

    "The most beautiful yoga mats I have ever seen. They’re a combination of hot yoga towel meets travel yoga mat and have the most beautiful designs on the market."

  • Paulina On The Road Logo-Mikkoa Travel Yoga Mat

    On the Road

    Their lightweight travel mat is designed to fold neatly and compactly into your luggage.This clever product allows your everyday yoga routine to easily follow you around the world."

  • The World Pursuit Logo-Mikkoa Travel Yoga Mat

    The World Pursuit

    "What I love most about this mat are the fun colors and designs, which are far from boring. Mikkoa mats are also machine washable, making it easy to clean."

  • Jill On The Journey Logo 2-Mikkoa Travel Yoga Mat

    Jill on Journey

    "Even though it can be folded quite small, it’s longer than an average travel yoga mat. When rolled or folded, it gets small enough to fit into a small bag."

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