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Sand Free Beach Towel

Mikkoa's Beach Towels stand out as a top choice for beachgoers who prioritise convenience, cleanliness, and comfort during their beach outings. They are considered to be among the best in Australia for several reasons:

Sandfree Beach Towels: Mikkoa's Beach Towels are designed to be sand-resistant, allowing you to enjoy your time at the beach without worrying about sand sticking to your towel. This feature helps to keep your towel clean and free from sand particles.

Beach Towels With Pockets: Mikkoa's Beach Towels are equipped with pockets, providing a convenient storage solution for your personal belongings such as keys, smartphone, sunscreen, or other beach essentials. These pockets ensure that your items are easily accessible while you relax on the beach.

Skin Friendly Organic Microfiber: Mikkoa's Beach Towels are made from skin-friendly organic microfiber material. This soft and gentle fabric is designed to be gentle on your skin, providing a comfortable and luxurious experience when you use the towel.

What type of towel is best for the beach?

Mikkoa Beach Towels are made of organic microfiber material, which makes them hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin, ensuring that the person has a more relaxed and comfortable experience while using it.

In addition, Mikkoa's sand-free beach towels Indian Summer & Boho Days are designed to resist sand and other particles, ensuring that a person doesn't have to deal with a sandy and uncomfortable towel while enjoying their time at the beach.

Is there a difference between a beach towel and a bath towel?

Yes, there is a difference between a beach towel and a bath towel. The major difference is size. Beach towels are larger than bath towels, beach towels typically consist of highly absorbent, quick-drying materials, such as microfiber, that are also lightweight and easy to carry around. 

Mikkoa’s beach towel provides a larger and more comfortable space to lie on when sunbathing or enjoying outdoor activities at the beach. Moreover, beach towels are designed to be more durable than bath towels since they are meant to withstand the harsh conditions of the beach environment like sand, sun, and saltwater.

Are sand-free beach towels worth it?

Sand free beach towels are typically designed to repel sand and dry faster than traditional beach towels, making them ideal for frequent beachgoers. They also tend to be lightweight, compact, and easy to pack, making them great for travel. 

If you visit the beach frequently and want to avoid sand sticking to your towel or travel often and need a lightweight, easy-to-pack option, a sand-free beach towel can be a worthwhile investment. Choose a high-quality Mikkoa’s sand free beach towel and enjoy your relaxing beach waves.